Chad Pic 3I am an associate professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Georgia Southern University. I received my doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. There I completed my dissertation which examined the overlap between offending and victimization in 30 countries. This line of research focuses on what makes victims and offenders similar and how to prevent violence by intervening in the “cycle of violence.” Aside from exploring the relationship between offending and victimization, I am interested in how biology shapes behavior and how trauma and abuse can shape later biological functioning. Particularly, my current research is exploring how to intervene in the cycle of violence, comprehensively explain victimization, and what promotes desistance from crime. I currently courses in victimology and statistics.

Outside of work, I like to travel, birdwatch, cook, and brew beer.

Twitter: @chadposick

Email: cposick@georgiasouthern.edu